As a volunteer, you empower us to reach more young people so that Camp Fire can achieve its mission. The job requirements are simple: Have a passion to better the lives of local youth. Here are Camp Fire’s current volunteer opportunities:


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Special Events

Camp Fire’s fundraisers help secure funds to provide our free programs to kids. Volunteers are crucial to making these nights a success, whether they serve as greeters, bartenders, or all-around helping hands.

Namanu Service Weekends

Volunteers gather several times throughout the off-season to make sure Namanu is beautiful for weddings, retreats, and the upcoming summer. Activities include chopping wood, clearing trails, removing ivy, and other upkeep. Come stay in one of our rustic cabins for a weekend or just for a day of fun.

Corporate Day of Service
Twice a year Camp Fire Columbia hosts a Corporate Day of Service out at Camp Namanu. Bring a group of Volunteers from work to enjoy a day at Camp helping to stain cabins, clear trails, chop wood and strip fabric. Then, in the afternoon, enjoy some great Camp-activities such as Archery, Hiking, Crafts and climbing our Rock Wall.

Career Sparks
At our Middle and High School Programs, we are working with students to help identify their ‘sparks.’ Students enjoy hearing from people in our community about the exciting careers they have! If you would like to share your story about your path to your exciting career, our students would love to talk to you about your ‘spark.’

For more information about volunteer opportunities and how to get involved, please contact us below.

We look forward to working with you!

Service Weekend at Camp Namanu

Service Weekend at Camp Namanu

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