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West Linn Day Camp – Summer 2017 Themes

Session 1: Gumption, Glue, and Gadgets…Building for the Future

Create something big! Design cities and build the components of an urban network! Cities can be realistic or imaginative! In the past, campers have built cities that are underground or underwater or even on a different planet. Teamwork and creativity will help each unit create and develop their own concepts. It’s all about learning about where we live while exploring what a city can be…or what you want it to be! From concept to creation!

Session 2: Water World!

Explore the mysteries of the deep blue sea! “Sea” what the “comm-ocean” is all about while exploring the wonders of our underwater world. Experience an aquatic adventure where campers discover the ocean blue with games and projects inspired by the critters and creatures of our water world…and maybe a few pirates! “Otter” be a blast!

Session 3: Across The Universe!

One small step for Day Camp… One giant leap for mankind! West Linn Day Camp will shoot for the stars! Explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos and paint the solar system as campers take imagination to infinity — and beyond! It’s going to be out of this world!

Session 4: Our Magical Forest: Elves, Sprites & Fairies

Calling all magical creatures!! Namanu Fairies, Elves & Sprites take us out of our everyday lives into magical lands filled with possibilities that excite and expand the imagination.  Magic, mystery, and adventure await as we uncover our special relationship with the birds, plants, animals, and each other. Experience a variety of nature activities, sensory awareness games, stories, songs, nature art and more.  Enter now… the fantasy world of elves, fairies and sprites! *Includes Day trip to Namanu Resident Camp

Session 5: Wizards of Science

Solve nature’s mysteries! Day Camp’s young scientists will investigate our natural environment, learning not only how things happen, but more importantly why! Challenge theories during this week of experimentation, outdoor inquiry, and play. Engage in activities that drive the development of creativity, problem solving skills and self-confidence. Remember—it’s not magic, it’s science!

Session 6: Nature Explorers

Experience our natural world! Explore the outdoors firsthand through hiking, ecology, games, environmental stewardship, hands-on activities and creative exploration! Discover the wonder of local natural areas in the West Linn area and experience the benefits it brings to our lives. Kids can develop an intimate relationship with nature that translates to deep connection to themselves, each other, and to community.  Get inspired, naturally! *Includes Day trip to Namanu Resident Camp

Session 7: Mysteries, Maps and Riddles

Can you figure it out? What’s that? Who did it? Where are we? Become a detective, discover new places and have fun with friends while trying to unravel the mysteries of camp. Look for secret clues, break mysterious codes, learn new observational skills and navigate the way to crack the case. What case? It’s a mystery!

Session 8: Camp Rewind
Say it isn’t so! Summer is almost gone! Spend the last week of camp revisiting some of our favorite activities and games as we put the entire summer on rewind. Wind up your summer right! Experience the “best” of the best activities selected by a camper just like you! What a blast!