2017-18  Trillium Creek Primary School

August 11, 2017  Update for Families regarding Capacity and Communications

Communication with Families

We are all inundated with emails, texts and information these days! At Camp Fire, we are trying to figure out how to break through the noise and get the right information to families in a timely, succinct way.

We announce registration information on our website, on the Camp Fire Columbia Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CampFireColumbia/ in an email to all BAS families, and site staff reminds families to get registered as they are able.

On an on-going basis, we also share information with the district to post to the Community Bulletin and ask schools to send the information out through their listservs or post to school-based Facebook pages.

We have been made aware that bulk email (using an email service like Emma or Constant Contact) sometimes gets caught in spam filters. To improve the deliverability of registration related messages we are going to make a change and send those through our Registrar, instead of the bulk email. You can help by adding this address to your contacts and safe senders: registrar@campfirecolumbia.org.

We are also exploring additional tools for communicating with families. Some of these options could include things like automatic calling programs (robo calls), text messages, or a site specific page for updates about your community.  If you have thoughts about other things we could do to stay in touch, please let us know at registrar@campfirecolumbia.org.

Wait Lists

What is our capacity?

Our state-approved site license allows up to 100 students. However, that size of programming is only feasible on in-service days when there are fewer activities in the building and we have the space needed to appropriately manage groups of students that are that large. We also bring additional staff to site on those days.

We are currently at 70 kids registered, we’ve reached out to an additional 5 families to take us to 75 registered and it’s our goal to increase capacity to 85, as soon as we can fully screen additional staff. State screening procedures can take several weeks and we will not put staff into program until they have completed all steps of our screening process. If a staff person has lived in several states, that can increase the time it takes to get back all aspects of the background checks.

What happens when capacity is met?

To be as fair and equitable as possible, at Camp Fire we serve families in the order registration waitlist requests are received.

How long is the waitlist right now?

There are currently 25 kids on the wait list for our program – because our capacity is 85, it will be impossible to get every student into BAS programming.  For the students that aren’t able to join us in the fall, remember that schedules are constantly fluctuating and we will continue to maintain the wait list and contact families as space becomes available.

Why don’t you squeeze more kids in?

In addition to keeping staffing ratios for quality programming, space at Trillium Creek has limits. Other extracurricular activities, teacher planning, sports, etc. take place in the same spaces. We’re working directly with the school and district to make sure that our program can allow the maximum number of students possible, while still balancing the needs of the community and maintaining program quality. Every option is being considered at the school and District level!

We want you to know that we are working to address capacity for additional families in our program at Trillium Creek, and we always have to balance that with how we can deliver the best quality program.

If we are on the waitlist, where else can we get care?

If you need to explore other options for care we recommend 211.org as a resource that maintains child care provider lists in the area.


Excellence is our goal – and we are always growing!

We’re always interested in improving and it’s our goal to provide excellent service to the Trillium Creek Community.  Please contact us directly to discuss your specific situation. We’ve found that there has been some added stress and misunderstandings as a result of misinformation. If you have a concern about the program, please contact our staff.

Additional contacts you may find valuable: