wldaycampAt Camp Fire Columbia, we enjoy the opportunity of connecting with so many youth through our summer programs each year. This year at West Linn Day Camp we were able to incorporate some of the long-standing traditions of Camp Namanu, and summer camp as a whole, into our Day Camp program.

Day campers enjoyed field trips to Camp Namanu where they wrote letters to Mr. Skriggleboggle, rowed in boats and caught critters at the Duck Pond, and explored in nature. They also adventured to Mary S Young Park, and the Splash Pad as ways to learn outdoors, and to stay cool!

For their unit names, West Linn Day Camp staff used Oregon native plant names: Juniper, Lupine, and Sequoia. “Unit calls” were used during our opening and closing campfires each session, also.

One specific way that West Linn Day Camp staff added more camp traditions were in the different pins earned for attendance each week. The campers received their pins based on each week’s theme after each session at closing campfire on Fridays.

The pins reflect the patches that are handed out at Camp Namanu at the end of the week. Staff used camp names and wood cookies for their nametags.


Click here for more photos of the pins and wood cookies at West Linn Day Camp.

Day campers would also share ‘family style snacks’ which were loosely related to eating in the dining hall while at camp. Table manners and public meal etiquette at camp were also lessons shared each week.

Camp songs were a much-loved favorite at West Linn Day Camp. Each week campers would sing some of the same ‘bus songs’ that Namanu campers would sing. Campers also enjoyed performing in skits similar to the Riverbox Showcase that happens each week at Camp Namanu.

“The West Linn Day Camp staff loved being able to share the magic and camp traditions with so many families this summer. We hope that the memories and friendships created by our day campers will last them for a lifetime!” – Tanya Spence, West Linn Day Camp Director

Thank you to the many families who joined us. We hope to see you in the school year, and back again next summer!