What a HUGE turnout for Spring Volunteer Service Weekend!


Thank you to everyone who joined us at Camp Namanu for Spring Service Weekend.

This was one of the largest attended events in quite some time for Service Weekend, and we were able to get so many projects done.

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Service Weekend Graphic

Some numbers from over the weekend:

  • 320 work hours (that’s one month of Charlie and Dale’s hours in one day!)
  • 1213 wood cookies drilled and sanded
  • 10 post holes dug for staircase rails from Raker Lodge to Uncle Toby’s Story House
  • 2 bags of grass seed sown
  • 47 invasive holly trees uprooted
  • Enough fabric stripped to last all of summer for the Weavery
  • 2600 pieces of candy placed inside plastic eggs for Spring Fling
  • 4 cords of wood chopped


  • 64 linear feet of railing peeled
  • 37 bundles of Kindling split
  • Multiple lodges and the kitchen inventoried
  • 85 Stickers removed
  • Unknown gallons of ice cream consumed
  • 3 lbs of Skriggleboggle’s Blend coffee enjoyed
  • 97 Games of gagaball played
  • At least 3 newts caught (and released)
  • 5 fairy houses built
  • Way too many laughs and hugs shared
  • From over 120 volunteers


We had such a great time with Namanu alumni sharing their stories and singing songs together.


The team at Camp Fire and Camp Namanu are so grateful for all of your time, energy and support to keep Camp Namanu magical and “sure to shine, all of the time!”

Stay tuned for more details for our next Volunteer Service Weekend in June!