Young people want to shape the world. Come see what it looks like when they do! Join us on Friday, April 14th at the Sentinel, and see what sparks will fly!

Our annual event has gone down in history as the place to celebrate who we are, and all that we do. Formerly known as our “Talent Show,” in 2017, Camp Fire Columbia and the youth we serve are taking it to the next level!

Join us for a night of youth-generated storytelling, fun, and fundraising to benefit the programs of Camp Fire Columbia.

The Story of Spark

This to going to be the biggest, and best celebration of Camp Fire, ever!

Top to bottom, youth are helping to shape and lead our celebration.  The name of our event came from Camp Fire youth at Beverly Cleary Elementary. Event artwork was designed by a talented youth artist who is a camper at Camp Namanu. Our program will include youth leaders who will share their Camp Fire experience.  And rumors are, there will be Dream Cake from Camp Namanu. What dreams do you have for the youth who will lead us in to tomorrow?

Everything we do is a reflection of the Camp Fire promise: Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice and discover who they are. Spark will be a chance to reconnect with the Camp Fire family, learn about the impact of our work, and celebrate the inherent, incredible spark in all kids.

Thank you to our generous donors who make programs like this, and all of our work at Camp Fire, possible. We can’t do this without you!



Camp Fire Columbia
Spark: Gathering Around Camp Fire

Friday | April 14, 2017 | 5:30PM

Sentinel Hotel
614 SW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

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About the Artist
Olivia Lenertz inhabits a small home in St. Johns, Portland, with her Mom, two cats and a dog. She is eleven years old, in the 6th grade and has attended Camp Namanu for the last two summers. She’s been to Namanu Day Camp in the City, Namanu Ranch and the Bridges program. Olivia enjoys spending most of her time playing video games, drawing, riding horses and watching BBC mysteries like Father Brown, Inspector Lewis and Sherlock and Marvel shows like Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. She really likes pizza and she reads a lot. Olivia enjoys sketching and inking by hand, though she’d like to try it on her computer. She is inspired by music and she first realized how much she liked to draw and really started getting into it around the 3rd grade. Drawing is Olivia’s spark and this design represents her belief that everything at Camp Fire is magical, especially when you find your spark.



For event sponsorship, volunteer opportunities, or for more info, contact Crystal Froembling at or 971-340-1600.