With our new registration system opening just next week, we are pleased to announce our new Resident Camp Director, Steven Joinson! Steven is another familiar face around Camp Fire Columbia and Camp Namanu, having worked with us for almost 7 years.

Steven began his adventures in summer camps way back in 2001 at Camp NaShoPa in upstate New York. He wore many hats, including Counselor, Specialist, Group Leader, and CIT Tour Leader. In 2002 Steven met his wife Jillian at camp, and moved from England to live in the U.S. full-time in 2004.

Steven came to Camp Fire in 2009, running the Community School Program at Menlo Park Elementary School until transitioning to serve as our Volunteer Manager last year. You may have met him at our Namanu Work Weekends and our Corporate Days of Service out at Camp Namanu.


“Camp changed my life. If it wasn’t for Camp my path could have been very different. I want to help ensure that Camp Namanu has an everlasting, positive impact on our campers and staff.”

Steven’s camp name is “Sound,” and outside of summer camp and youth development work, he enjoys running, creating puzzles to stump his coworkers, and being dad to two amazing kids. Look out for opportunities to meet him in person at our upcoming TALENT SHOW on March 4, and at SPRING VOLUNTEER SERVICE WEEKEND AT NAMANU on March 11-13.