Over 100 Camp Fire middle school students were rewarded with an incentive field trip: a Portland Trail Blazers game!

These “MVPs” worked hard to earn their tickets by meeting the following criteria:

  • Perfect attendance at Camp Fire program
  • 92% school attendance or better
  • Excellent behavior
  • D’s or above in core classes
  • Demonstrated progress towards an academic goal that they set for themselves this quarter

These students used goal maps and put in hours of work improving their grades. Positive reinforcement is critical increasing youth success, and Camp Fire staff saw the impact of this tactic firsthand, as they watched the students cheer for the Blazers. Some even managed to get autographs, too!


“My face lighted up when I walked in here, cause it’s my first time ever at a Blazers game.” – Glorie, George Middle School

This trip was not easy to qualify for but 100 students rose to the challenge. They were rewarded with pre-game courtside access to see the Blazers warm up and an amazing game. We won!

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