julanteEarlier this year at our Talent Show we featured Julant’e’s story, sharing more on one of our young leaders at Camp Fire Columbia. Many of us were moved by Julant’e and his story that night. Attendees donated to empower our work with kids who need us most– young leaders like Julant’e, who also received a standing ovation at the event.

Over the years we’ve worked with Julant’e, he’s grown from a rambunctious middle school student to a valued member of our Youth Advisory Committee. Julant’e, thank you for your leadership and for sharing your story! 

Julant’e’s story doesn’t end there.

2016-17 School Year Update

Julant’e just recently started his junior year of high school at Mt. Scott Learning Center, where he is working hard to improve his grades. Last year he started out two credits behind, and he has now excelled to be on track for graduation!

He spent this past summer participating in an internship through Worksystems Inc/ Multnomah County. Camp Fire was happy to connect him to this program, where he was able to attend pre-employment development classes to gain more confidence in talking to employers in interviews.

We are really looking forward to what Julant’e will bring to Camp Fire as a returning member of our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for the upcoming year. He relayed directly that the appreciation and encouragement he received from many of you at the Talent Show has helped him to be even more determined to be somebody. He knows that he has to see this through to the end, and he is going to stay committed. It’s going to be an incredible year ahead!

yacSpeaking of YAC, Julant’e and the rest of our youth leaders will have an even more significant voice in our annual gala.

We are revamping our annual Talent Show fundraiser. This year Julant’e and other youth leaders will be involved in every aspect, and we mean EVERY aspect. Our goal is to have youth leading the way including the creation of our videos and graphics, program elements throughout the event, and more. We’re looking forward to having youth voice ring throughout our biggest event and have their sparks showcased all throughout the night! Stay tuned for more details, and save the date – Friday, April 14, 2017 at The Sentinel.