We teach young people how to examine, interpret and learn from their experiences because we want them to thrive.

Through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Systems (PBIS), our Before and After School program allows for reflection from today’s youth. We intentionally give young people the space to be themselves, to experiment with ideas and to open up. Our highly trained staff create environments and opportunities that allow for reflection and discovery.

Beverly Cleary Hollyrood Campus

We recognize when elementary students show positive behaviors like practicing being kind, asking questions, positive group interactions, and being an honest and caring friend to Camp Fire peers. Through PBIS, students at Hollyrood had an opportunity to reflect on how incredible their teamwork and behavior has been. And you know what? They celebrated their achievement with a class party and very special guest this February.

The special guest was a traveling museum of lizards, snakes, and spiders that engaged them in the wonderful world of creepy and crawly. Along with getting to look and touch the exhibit, Camp Fire kids were able to engage with the facilitator by asking and answering questions as well as learning facts about each animal’s ecosystem, lifespan, interesting attributes, diets, and origination.

Discovery through science and presentation allow youth to engage in conversations beyond the classroom. Experiencing science up close helps young people realize there is a world beyond Portland and helps stir excitement and interest in future activities, learning opportunities, and potential careers.

Reflection is a skill that grows over time with regular practice until it becomes an unbreakable habit. PBIS is one way Camp Fire shows young people that self-reflection and discovery can create exciting outcomes.