Camp Fire Columbia staff in our new office at Morrison Plaza


For over 23 years, Camp Fire Columbia has called the United Way Building our home. Its location in Downtown Portland has empowered us to partner easily with other youth-serving organizations, serve as pick-up point for lost Namanu items, and get to our East Side programs readily.

This week, we say farewell to our beloved home and move to Morrison Plaza. We are excited to graduate into a bigger space that will allow enough elbow room for our office staff, and are relieved that we found a new location that is still in Downtown Portland. 

Our new address is:
1411 SW Morrison St. #300
Portland, OR 97205

Our move is effective as of Tuesday, April 19th. This move will not impact our school-based programming. We appreciate your patience during this period of transition, and we look forward to welcoming you to our new space. Stay tuned for an invite to our open house in the near future.