Just over a month into the 2016-17 school year, and clubs are off and running in our Before and After School program!

In our licensed childcare program our goal is to help elementary schoolers achieve academic success while also exploring their passions and developing their talents.

Blog Club

Bees with Blogs Club at Bolton

Our student-led clubs allow youth the opportunity to practice leading their peers and writing their own curriculum. This content as a result is wide-ranging in topics, and helps inspire them to find their spark. In deciding which clubs they have at program, the Camp Fire kids exercise their votes and their voices while also having fun!

So far this school year students at Bolton Primary have gotten into Bees With Blogs Club (their school mascot is the bee) where they are designing their web pages and building out the various elements for their personal blogs. Camp Fire kids in 3rd and 5th grade are also having fun in Slam Dunk Club.

Woodlawn Elementary students had a visitor recently to help with their Wiggle Club by bringing in his two snakes. This club is all about wiggling humans and wiggling animals. They do movement activities and learn about composting (worms!) and reptiles (snakes!). 

Rose City Park Elementary is diving deep into history with their Me Oh Maya Club which focuses on not only the very interesting Ancient Mayan culture, but also on their favorite sport, Pok-ta-Pok, or as we know today Soccer. Anasazi Architecture Club will allow students to take a look into the Anasazi era where they will learn about the Pueblo Indians and their amazing cliff dwellings and intricate architecture! Students will also recreate their own designs with inspiration from this era.

At Sunset Primary they are using every day items to create art work of their own in Scrappy Art. Recyclable items will be repurposed (reduce, reuse and recycle!) by the youth while they make their own recycle bins for Camp Fire and/or their schools or homes! This club is all about helping the environment while creating art.

Trillium Creek Primary kicked off their clubs with Unusual Games which included elephant relays. Peninsula Elementary youth will have a Tea Party Club where each week the students are introduced to a new tea and unique treat from a different country. Beverly Cleary Fernwood kids will have a blast with Goofy Golf, where they are making their own mini-golf courses, and mashing up the rules with other sports like soccer, frisbee, and basketball.


Unusual Games Club at Trillium Creek

Creative Science School is taking on X-Treme Newspaper Crafts where the students will make wearable newspaper clothes, play with paper mache, and make huge buildings that you can go inside… all out of newspaper! Also at CSS, 2nd-6th graders are taking part in Advanced Drawing where they will learn drawing secrets used by master artists in this challenging club for art lovers. They will get to use fun supplies like squishy kneaded erasers as they gain the knowledge to draw from a model or mannequin, then cool off with some fun art games.

Sunnyside School is getting into the haunted Halloween-like times with Blood, Bones, and Brains where Camp Fire kids will explore some of the human body’s most important functions: what’s in a drop of blood, how the circulatory system works, why we need so many bones, and what exactly is going on inside the brain. And in Everything Dies students will explore why death is important and how cultures around the world have celebrated and remembered their dead.

All of these clubs are just the beginning, as program alternates with student-led clubs throughout the school year about every six weeks with new ones generated by the youth. Stay tuned for more from out BAS program, and check out more photos of these awesome Camp Fire kids here.