“Inspirational! I felt connected with the team, and I am excited to work on site team building with my staff. This experience was valuable,” said Mykylie Myzak, Site Supervisor at Sunset Primary.

Overcoming challenges as a team whether you’re on a course, or while working on a project, can provide exhilaration and trust building opportunities.


Before and After School Program Leadership Team at Camp Namanu

Our Before and After School (BAS) program leadership staff spent one of their training days recently out at Camp Namanu.

While there this team of Site Supervisors, Multi-Site Coordinators, and the Program Director, were able to explore their leadership and team further – all while on the high and low ropes courses!

“It was so exciting to see this team work together, share their skills and ideas to solve problems, cheer each other on, and reflect on their leadership styles and how they show up in a team,” shared Kirsi Baird, BAS Program Director. “It was wonderful to simply enjoy the camaraderie of a day being together doing something challenging while sharing laughter and joy!”

This opportunity to participate in some exciting team building activities was led by our own “Gumby” aka Ethan Gumanow, Rental Manager at Camp Namanu.  The leadership team was able to work through some group initiative challenges, cooperative problem solving, communication, risk management, and team based support.

“Our time at Namanu with the supervisors showed me what a great resource our leadership team will be as we move through the school year. It also gave me ideas of how to bond with my staff. I just felt all around happy and excited!” exclaimed Samantha Morelli, Site Supervisor at Sunnyside Environmental.

Some staff had more anxiety about the challenge course than others. “It was SO nerve wracking, but I felt accomplished and close to my team members in the end!” said Susan Cook, Site Supervisor at Creative Sciences School.

And other staff members who were not able to participate in all of the exercises were still able to provide guidance and fill a role on the team. “One of our site supervisors [Audrey Butler, Site Supervisor at Hollyrood] had broken her elbow prior, and went to camp with her arm in a sling. We were all worried she would have trouble participating, but she stepped right up in the morning and was a guiding voice for the rest of the site supervisors on the low rope elements,” said Gina Sander, WLWV Multi-Site Coordinator.

In the afternoon, Audrey decided to step out of her comfort zone into the learning zone with the support of the other site supervisors. She even went on the big swing in her sling! Not only was she also successful, she was able to have a blast while the team cheered her on and provided her with as a source of encouragement as well.

Check out more photos from the BAS program leadership team at Camp Namanu here.

If you have a team that wants to come out to Camp Namanu for a retreat and team building exercises, contact Camp Namanu Rental Manager Ethan Gumanow.