Please follow the following step-by-step instructions for Summer Day Camp registration.

Step 1: Choose a program

Visit our Day Camp page to learn about the fun programs we are offering in Portland and West Linn. Once you have decided what you want to register your child for, select the “Register Here” button to get them signed up for a summer full of fun.

Step 2: Create your account

If you had already registered for any of our Summer 2017 programs or Before & After School 2017/18, you will already have a Camp Fire account.

When creating a Camp Fire account, you will initially set it up using your parent/guardian information.  As the creator of the account, you will be designated as the head of household.  Once the account is established, you will then have the opportunity to add a significant other and children. Instructions on creating an account can be found below. If you need additional assistance, please watch this ‘Creating a New Account’ tutorial.

To create a Camp Fire account:

  • Click on the “Create New Account
  • On each page complete the required fields then select next to move on.
  • After entering phone numbers, on the second page, be sure to check “Yes, I am the main contact for my family.”
  • As an adult, skip the Date of Birth and instead select “Adult (18-99)” as an Age Category
  • Once you have completed all of the required fields, select “Create Account and Add Family Member.”
    • At this point you can continue to add as many family member as needed. Be sure to un-check the “Yes, I am the main contact for my family” box for all additional family members.
    • For any additional adults, designate their Age Category as “Adult (18-99).”
    • For children, you do need to enter a Date of Birth so as to be able to register them for Camp Fire programs.
    • Only include adults who have permission to make changes to the account. Emergency contact and authorized pick-up information will be gathered when you register your child for Camp Fire programs.
    • Please only enter each family member once. If an error is made, the Registrar’s office can correct it for you.  They can be reached at (971)340-1613 or

Once your account is established, you can log-in at any time to sign up for more programs, see your receipts, check your current schedule, and more!

Step 3: Register for Program

New to Camp Fire? Watch the ‘Register for Camp Fire Program’ tutorial for a helpful walk-through of our registration process.

Under the “Activities” tab (next to Home), you will select either “Summer Day Camp – PDX” for Portland or “Summer Day Camp – WL” for West Linn.  This will show you the Day Camp programs we are offering in each region. Ignore the listed number of openings. This number is reflecting every opening for every child every day of the summer and is therefore exaggerated. 

  1. Select the Day Camp program you are interested in and review the program details.
  2. When you are ready, select “Enroll Now”.
    • Change the Participant to the child you are wanting to enroll.  If you are planning to enroll multiple children, you will return to this page for each child so keep track of who has and who hasn’t been registered.  Once you have chosen a Participant select “Continue”.
  3. You will now be directed to the calendar page.  If you are wanting to enroll your child for all five days of any of the program weeks, select “Select All” for those weeks.  When you scroll down to the calendar you should see all five days checked for whichever weeks you had selected.  If you are wanting to enroll your child for three or four days of a program week, you can select individual days on the calendar.
  4. Fill in the calendar by checking every day you will need during the summer then select “Add to my Cart”
    • The Day Camp programs are designed for children to be registered for 3 ($235), 4 ($295), or 5 ($345) days during a week.  If you register your child for any less than that you will still be charged for the minimum 3 days.
    • There is no Day Camp programming on July 4th.
    • If any of the days you are needing are at capacity, they will show as full on the calendar.  You will have the option to add your child to the waiting list for any days that are at capacity but your child will not be registered.
  5. A $50 deposit is due at registration for each week that you have enrolled your child for.  You can choose to pay just the deposit and schedule a payment plan for the remaining balance or to pay the full balance now.  After you have selected to pay in full or to establish a payment plan, select “Continue.”
  6. Answer the required (marked in bold) licensing questions then select “Continue.”  You will only be required to do this one time per child.
  7. If you have another child that you want to enroll in the same Day Camp programm, select “Add Another Participant.”  Repeat steps four through seven.
  8. When you have enrolled all of your children select “Proceed to Checkout”.
  9. You will be asked to review and sign the Camp Fire Summer Day Camp waiver.  Initial for each child, check that you have “reviewed and consent to the waiver”, then select “Next”.

Step 4: Payment

To finalize your child’s registration in Camp Fire’s Summer Day Camp, you will be asked to enter credit card or electronic check information.

Electronic check is our preferred method of payment as credit card charges incur a small fee with every transaction.  Being a non-profit, every bit of savings helps.  Using the electronic check method can help save us costs that we can put back into our programming. 

  1. Once you have decided on a payment method for your child’s Day Camp fees, complete all of the required fields.  If you would like us to save the method of payment for future use, check the “Save this [card/electronic check] for future transactions” box.
    • If you are setting up a payment plan be sure to check the “Save this [card/electronic check] for future transactions” box.  Then select “Next”
      • Review the payment plan then select “Pay and Finish.”
    • If paying in full, select “Pay and Finish.”
  2. After completing the registration you can choose to “View or Print Receipt”.  You can also access this receipt at any time through your Camp Fire account.


Our registration team is happy to help!

Phone: (971)340-1613, (971)340-1608, and (971)340-1607