Week 1: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Camp Fire Kid!! (June 18 – 22)

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Create your own superhero alter-ego, grab your cape and call on your crafty sidekicks! We will be going on exciting adventures and are bound to meet some local heroes along the way!

Week 2: Camp Fire World Tour (June 25 – 29)

Explore the wonders of the world and learn about different cultures through song, games, books, and art. Pack your bags and get ready to discover the diverse world we live in!

Week 3: Splash Week (July 2 – 6)

Summer is hot, but water is cool. This week you will participate in water games and activities while learning more about the world of water surrounding us. H… 2… Ohhhhhhhhh…!

Week 4: The Great Outdoors (July 9 – 13)

Hone your outdoor skills with a week full of physical and mental challenges, tent building, map reading, compass skills, hiking, arts and crafts, and plenty of team building activities. No need to be an experienced tracker–The great forests of the city are BEAR FREE!!

Week 5: Lights, Camera, Action (July 16 – 20)

Channel your inner performer while exploring the land of entertainment! This week will focus on all aspects of movie magic. Campers will use their imaginations and become anything they want during a fun week of improv games and activities.

Week 6: Gadgets, Gears, and Gizmos (July 23 – 27)

Join us for an exciting week of exploration and discovery! Find out how things work through hands-on activities and challenges. Campers will build, experiment, invent, and tinker in this STEM-filled week at camp.

Week 7: Legends of the Forest (July 30 – August 3)

The forests of Camp Namanu and the Pacific Northwest are filled with stories of fairies, sprites and magic. Learn the mysteries of the forest, write letters to Mr. Scriggleboggle and collect evidence of Bigfoot. Perhaps you’ll create a timeless legend of your own!

Week 8: Spies, Sleuths, and Secret Agents (August 6 – August 8)

I spy fun times ahead! Campers will crack codes, solve mysteries, and complete top secret missions. Put your detective hat on, grab your magnifying glass, and join us for an active week of sleuthing.