About Shelby

Shelby was born in Portland, OR and grew up in Beaverton, Oregon. She has was Earth Science major with an Environmental Science minor degree from Western Oregon University and has taught environmental education for the past 14 years. She has worked in after school programs since 2010.

She and her sisters I grew up participating in Camp Lowami, Camp Namanu, Bluebirds, and CampFire Girls. She is passionate about being a role model for students, getting them out and having fun in nature, sharing her love of science, reading, and creativity! She also loves helping them develop their own interests and skills.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, music, spending time with her family- nieces and nephews, spoiling her rabbit (Puff), kayaking, recreational sports, reading. She’s known for her love of Harry Potter (and most kids books in general), nature, and rabbits!