About Mykylie

Mykylie is back for her fourth year at Camp Fire and thrilled to be part of their brand new Stafford Team! Mykylie has spent the past three years working with Camp Fire at Sunset Primary as the supervisor and a site instructor there. Before her time with Camp Fire, Mykylie has worked as a preschool teacher’s assistant, in a group home with at risk teens, as a radio promotion team member and a children’s ministry coordinator. Mykylie has been working with youth in various settings since high school and has always enjoyed getting to know kids in fun and intentional ways.

Mykylie is very enthusiastic about implementing exciting elements in her programing and helping students find their passions and sparks in order to become their best selves! When Mykylie isn’t hanging out with amazing kids you can usually find her camping all over Oregon, exploring new hiking trails, enjoying live music, playing board games with friends and family or maybe even taking a walk with her cat, Schmendrick!


Mykylie holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Educational Ministry from Seattle Pacific University.