About Matt

Past Experience

Matt graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Occupational Safety and moved to Portland shortly thereafter. He has had a long career in the safety profession including time at Henry Weinhard’s in downtown Portland, as well as Kraft Foods North America. In Matt’s current role with Alaska Airlines, he is involved in all aspects of employee safety. He is responsible to ensure the safety and compliance of approximately 15,000 Alaska and Horizon employees to the various regulations. This includes respiratory protection, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment, confined space entry, fall protection, as well as building and life safety codes. In this role, Matt conducts risk analysis of procedures and tasks, and recommends mitigation strategies that are both economically sound for the company, and meet regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of employees. He also completes injury trend analysis, develops action plans to address the trends, and works with local and corporate leadership to implement those strategies. Matt also develops and reviews all educational/training materials pertaining to his areas of responsibility. He is also responsible for responses to CDC communicable disease incidents that occur on the aircraft, as well as responses to FDA inspections of food handling and public health practices.

Matt is very excited to have the opportunity to be part of such a legacy organization such as Camp Fire Columbia. His knowledge and skill set provide a great opportunity for Camp Fire Columbia to improve the ability to provide a safer working environment for both paid employees as well as volunteers. As a father of two young boys, Matt is thrilled Camp Fire is able to offer such unique and important experiences for children. He believes that in today’s world, kids having a safe place to build those social and life skills for them to succeed in their endeavors is of upmost importance, and something that is dear to both himself and his family. He feels that the variety of programs offered by Camp Fire is an impressive line-up, not commonly found by many organizations. He looks forward to contributing his own diverse knowledge and background in helping Camp Fire Columbia inspire kids to find their spark!