About Kate

For her first year at Camp Fire, Kate was nervous and didn’t know what to expect from her 6th graders. Now she can’t believe how much they have all grown together and how amazing the students have become as 8th graders. Kate loves her job and can’t wait for her third year at Lane! Being able to watch some of her students go through some of the difficult things that she has also experienced is a motivating factor in her work, and how she shows up for her students. Kate loves being able to see those “aha!” moments, where the students work hard, support each other, and build a connected, caring group of leaders.  She values Middle school students in their abilities to often be smarter, more powerful, and more compassionate than adults realize. Kate’s students continually teach her  about perseverance, empathy, creativity, and goofiness.  The Camp Fire youth are her motivation to keep learning and working to make a society and systems that are more just, peaceful, and fair.  Kate originally grew up in a tiny town in Idaho, graduated with a BA in 2004, and has been in Portland since 2013.  She likes laughing till her face hurts, ultimate Frisbee, strolling around the mountains, cooking, learning, and generally being ridiculous.