About Jonna

Jonna has worked with Camp Fire since the Spring of 2012, when she volunteered as a part of a class requirement at the University of Alaska. While working for Camp Fire Alaska, she was able to see a bit of everything including three years of Before/After School care and two summers experiencing every summer program they offer. Growing up in the Willamette Valley led Jonna to her favorite place in the world, Trickle Creek ODS. She recently finished her sixth season working for NWRESD’s Outdoor Science School Program, so if you hear someone call her “Nixie” it’s probably because they recognize her from camp. Listening to frogs, hiking in the forest, playing her guitar, and singing camp songs are a few of her favorite things to do with youth or in her free time. Jonna hopes to use all the experiences in camp settings to mix learning with fun in the activities she plans.