About Jessie

Jessie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and has been involved in caring for children for most of her adult life. When she was a small child, Jessie was diagnosed with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis. This has been a life struggle that has given her challenges throughout her life. With spending a lot of time in hospitals and in wheelchairs, Jessie has had many surgeries throughout the years including two hip replacements. With so many types of nurses and caretakers that helped her through her trials and tribulations, Jessie has learned a lot about compassion and a desire to care for children. She attended Portland Community College where, she specialized in Child Development. She enjoys volunteering at The Shriner’s Hospital and The Boys and Girls Club.

Jessie is also a mom to her 16 year old teenage son, Donnis, who is her life and rock. Her other love is her 4-year old Boxer named Arian. In Jessie’s free time, she and her family enjoy camping in the peaceful outdoors. She’s excited to start join the Camp Fire team as a new instructor, and is looking forward to experiencing the joy and laughter while creating life-long memories with the students.