About Eric

Eric is back and ready to change some lives! Entering his second year with Sunset Camp Fire, he has a long history with the organization after working at Cedaroak Park in 2014-15 and at Camp Namanu for several years before that. Eric grew up in the Beaverton area and graduated from University of Oregon with a BS in Journalism, Advertising. When he isn’t hanging out with your kids, he spends most of his time playing, teaching and listening to music. Eric has been drumming for 15 years and minored in music, so he often brings his musical knowledge to clubs and activities. He even teaches the drumline at Kelso High School in Washington! Eric is always willing to talk at length about any facets of pop culture, whether that means books, movies, video games or what have you. An aspiring writer and lover of wordplay, he is a firm believer that narrative is important for the developing mind and tries to include story creation in as many activities as possible. Eric likes to give high-fives, play board games, rock the kendama, eat jambalaya, and be a good role model.