About Elin

One of Elin’s favorite definitions for community, found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “a unified body of individuals as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest.” Her goal this year is to help foster this sense of community at the Creative Science School Camp Fire program. She believes that we all come together as individuals but through our individual strengths we can create something great. Some of the best moments in Elin’s life were connected to strong communities: growing up in Ohio, college roommates as she got her degree in Elementary Education, and homeschooling students in Chad. Communities also remind her of favorite activities: hiking, camping, sitting around the fire under a starry night, making and eating delicious food, traveling, and playing games. The last two years Elin has been privileged to be a part of the Creative Science Camp Fire community and looks forward to continuing those relationships while connecting with a new community. She believes that community is important and that the students should feel as though they are an essential part to the community where they spend so much time. Elin is excited to learn and grow along with the students.



Elin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from North Park University, Illinois and a Reciprocal Teaching Certification for the state of Oregon.