About Dale

Property Manager Dale Wills was born and raised in Nevada. Dale’s passion for camp began over 20 years ago when he began working at Boy Scout camp. He has been an active staff and volunteer for BSA ever since.  Dale has also spent several years working in the juvenile justice setting in residential facilities.  He was able to bridge his camp experience on ropes courses and bring those skills to struggling youth who had been incarcerated. Countless youth were able to discover their inner strengths and start down a path to a successful life.

Dale was recruited to work at Namanu by a close camp friend solely because of his love of work!  Namanu has endless amounts of work and Dale loves to keep busy.  You will rarely see him relaxing in the sun at camp; even his love of swimming in the pool is spent cleaning it so that campers have sparking blue water to enjoy!  Dale not only can fix about anything at camp that breaks he is also a Lifeguard and Ropes Course Instructor.  When summer camp isn’t running he is often running program for rental group and other Camp Fire programs that utilize the Namanu facilities.

In Dale’s free time he is focused on supporting his family and has countless nieces and nephews that all adore Uncle Dale! Those nieces and nephews can often be found working beside him at camp were Dale helps them learn about nature as well as how to fix things and stack wood!  The amazing part is those kids are all smiles while putting in a hard day of work.  Since there are still hours left in the day and he has more love to give he opens his home and as foster parent. Because of his past experiences he takes on the older boys that often have many emotional and behavioral struggles that many foster families are unable to tackle.  We did mention that Dale likes to keep busy right?