About C. Jordan

During the school year, Jordan works with our Middle School Program at George Middle School. Prior to working in the Middle School Program, ┬áJordan worked at Camp Namanu’s Day Camp in the City and then spent the rest of the summer as staff at Camp Namanu Residential Camp.

Jordan is originally from Palo Alto, California. He lived in New York City before moving to Portland in 2013. In his spare time, Jordan is in a jam band in which he primarily plays drums and sings. He also likes to swim, bike, and run; hike and camp; meditate; and follow basketball and hockey.

Past Experience

Jordan co-founded a community organization, WOPAC, focused on Mental Health in Palo Alto. He has built several programs around the ideas of the youth he is serving including a Technical Theater summer program where middle schoolers designed and built there own sets, sound tracks, and lighting schemes.




Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology/anthropology from Lewis & Clark College.