About Chandra

Chandra is the new Site Supervisor for the Before and After School site at Sunnyside Environmental School. Chandra believes in finding and feeding the interests of each youth. Incorporating dance, music, and literacy into her work with children has always been a way she connects with learners of all styles. She loves to help children discover the joys of the natural world by hiking and paying attention to the plants, animals, insects, and birds around them. One of her memorable moments with youth was last year. Chandra led a spring break camp at Woodstock Elementary School where they took a field trip to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. She facilitated a nature-themed scavenger hunt and she was thrilled to see even Kinders identifying several species of ducks and songbirds by the end of their trip.

Born in upstate New York, Chandra has moved across coasts from Pennslyvania to Hawaii. Chandra moved to Portland in 2010. When Chandra isn’t working at Camp Fire, she loves birding! Chandra has seen over 200 species in Oregon alone over the last year with her husband. Walking in the woods or wetlands with her camera is her meditation and Zen.

Past Experience

Chandra has many years of experience working with youth and families across the Portland Metro area and throughout Oregon.  She has been a Lead Teacher in before & after school programs as well as preschool programs.  She has also been a Regional Supervisor for a before and after school program in Portland Public Schools.