About Aurielle

Aurielle was born and raised in Flint, MI where it seems the youth death and crime rates are higher than the high school graduation rates. After graduating from an inner city high school and starting college, she knew her career would be centered on helping youth through education, leadership and learning new ways to have fun. Aurielle was dedicated to a youth mentoring group on campus that focused on the inner city students out of the Flint school district.  Her first year with Camp Fire was a huge challenge for her that she courageously took on because she came in with only a few months left of program. During that time, Aurielle learned so much about herself and also her students that she serves. This year, she is excited about creating new relationships with students, staff and looking forward to a year of fun and learning! During her spare time, Aurielle loves to read books, craft, watch movies and try new recipes!


Aurielle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services with a concentration in Community Recreation