About Alex

This is Alex’s third year working for Camp Fire’s Before and After School program and they are excited to be back at Rose City Park in Portland Public. Alex believes that giving freedom for curriculum development supports staff having the ability to highlight their passions and connection to Camp Fire values. Alex is especially interested in incorporating a mindset and way of life to the kids that is as anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic, anti-homophobic, and anti-ableist.

Outside of working for Camp Fire, Alex grew up in Chicago, Illinois and plays music around the Northwest. They like to stay busy and outside as much as possible, so you can find them biking, camping, swimming and taking photos with their 35mm camera along the way. A passion project of Alex’s is creating an LGBTQ prisoner support group.


Past Experience

Alex has interned for Westside Health Authority where they supported youth with a positive and nurturing environment with activities ranging from recreational activities to homework assistance. They interned for Take Back the Halls, a program focused on teaching high school workshops on sexual violence and abuse prevention and coping skills. They have also been a student teacher for middle school science and a youth soccer referee.


Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a minor in photography from DePaul University.