Camp Fire Columbia received funds from Oregon’s Coronavirus Work Safety Fund to help ensure all staff are protected and safe working among ourselves . The funds enable CFC to clean and disinfect BAS field sites and Camp Namanu locations throughout programming in order to halt the spread of coronavirus base These cleaning d on the recommendations of the CDC to sterilize workplace environments.

Are you an emergency essential worker in the state of Oregon? If you are and are looking for child care we’ve compiled a guide and resources: Essential Work Child Care Program Resources

Our summer camp, Camp Namanu is renting out cabins over the summer! It’s an exciting twist this summer allowing campers and their families the ability to enjoy Namanu all together. Everyone is welcome! Can’t stay over? Reserve a time to simply spend the day with us. Visit to make your reservation.


Here’s a list of resources compiled by Congressman Earl Blumenauer and his team here in Portland. It will be updated regularly. Please share with your networks and visit for more.

Free Geek provides digital access to some of our communities’ most vulnerable populations; the same people that are most adversely impacted by the spread of COVID-19. This includes K-12 students and college students, displaced workers, and aging populations.