Q: What should my child bring to Day Camp?

  • A filling sack lunch (lunches should not require refrigeration or heating)
  • Water bottle labeled with child’s first and last name
  • Clothing that is comfortable, & appropriate for walking, getting dirty or possibly wet
    • a change of clothes is always a good idea
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes for walking, playing, & exploring (sandals must have back straps)
  • Hat or visor
  • Day Camp shirt for field trip days


Q: What should my child bring on Camp Namanu Field Trip days?

  • All of the above
  • Day Camp shirt
  • Swimsuit, towel, goggles
  • Money for Camp Namanu store (Camp Namanu store merchandise ranges from t-shirts and sweaters to pencils and keychains and everything in between)


Q: Can my child use their cell phone or other technology devices at Day Camp?

A: We ask that you leave the technology at home.  Camp Fire Columbia is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.  Toys, games, cell phones, music players, remote-controlled items, and other electronic devices are not allowed unless otherwise approved by the Day Camp Director. We want your child to engage with the Day Camp programming and connect with staff and other campers during their time at Camp Fire Summer Day Camp.


Q: How can I stay informed about upcoming camp activities?

A: A weekly newsletter will be sent out prior to each session start day and will be available on the first day of each session outlining any field trips or special visitors for the week. The newsletter will be available on our website each week.  There will also be a daily schedule posted on site each day.


Q: My child has food restrictions/allergies. Do I need to send them with their own daily snacks?

A: At Camp Fire we work to accommodate all food needs for our youth. When you register your child make sure to include food restrictions or allergies and we will be sure to have an inclusive snack menu with alternatives for students who have special food needs.


Q: My child needs to take medication regularly. How does this work?

A: You can see our complete medication policies and procedures outlined in our Parent/Guardian Handbook.  The basics:  you must connect with the Day Camp leadership staff regarding medication, fill out and sign a medication release form with clear instructions, and have the medication in its original packaging with the child’s name clearly marked.


Q: Do you provide sunscreen?

A: You will be asked to sign a sunscreen release form to indicate if you’d like to use sunscreen provided by Camp Fire or if you’d rather supply your own in a bottle labeled with your child’s name. The release form will be available on site and will be emailed to you as part of our weekly Newsletter process.


Q: Are there overnights for Summer Day Camp?

A: No. But if you are interested in exploring our overnight resident camp, find more information at campnamanu.org.


Q: Can I drop-off my child after 9 am or pick-up my child before 4:00 pm every day?

A: The bulk of our specialized programming happens between 9:00 and 4:00 every day, this includes field trips, special visitors, games, crafts, and other camp activities.  If your camper arrives after 9:00, they may miss out on some of our scheduled activities, but we will make sure to help them find their group and get started for the day. On Field Trip days, it is important for your child to arrive on-time in order to participate! If you need to drop-off late or pick-up early, just make sure to connect with Day Camp Director or Assistant Director beforehand so they can help make sure you don’t miss something important and/or help make sure your child is ready when you arrive. Just know that your camper may miss out on some camp activities.


Q: If a child is going into 6th grade after the summer and was part of the BAS program during 5th grade, Can they attend our Summer Day Camp?

A: As long as the student is 12 years old or younger they can attend our summer program. So, going into 6th grade should be fine, but they will be in a group with 4th and 5th-grade students. Our curriculum is focused on students in K-5th grade.


Q: What is Wheels Day?

A: Wheels Day is an opportunity for kids to bring their bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates to camp every Friday!  Staff design a safe course on the blacktop while kids decorate, wash, and get their wheels ready to roll.  Helmets are required for all things rolling and elbow and knee pads must be worn while riding skateboards or skates.


Q: Can I give my session payment to the Day Camp staff on site?

A: No. All payments must go through our registration team in the office. Staff are not allowed to take money on site. If you need to pay your bill or have questions about payment options please contact our registrar at registrar@campfirecolumbia.org or (971) 340-1613.