Absolutely Alliterative Alphabet Aerobics!

To celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Susan Cook, Site Supervisor at our Before and After School program at Creative Science School kicked it up a notch! Check out her alliterative poem for each of the 88 Camp Fire kids at CSS.

Creative Science Camp Fire Alphabet Aerobics

By Susan Cook

Now it’s time for our rap up. Let’s give it everything we’ve got. Ready? Begin.

Aida is affectionate, absolutely adorable, and acutely acrobatic!
Akiyah is assertive and likes to act and amuse for an audience.
I admire Alec’s agreeable attitude and adventurousness.
Alex C.
achieves in academia, and after a while will be attacking advanced algebra.
Antsy Alex J. has an appetite for animated awesomeness and is abuzz about activities ahead.
Alia is alive with amusing anecdotes and assists adolescents of all ages with art.
I appreciate Anya’s amazing adaptability and affectionate attention to acquaintances.
I’m astonished by Asano’s awe-inspiring artistry and altruism.
I’d like to acknowledge August’s awesome approachability and his acceptance of anyone.
Avery adores animals, and attends afterschool with an air all aglow.
Ambitious Aviv has all the answers, and is also amply agile and athletic.
Analytical Axel is apt for his age at absorbing articles about anything. Axel is astute and he is able.

You’d better beware when Ben’s near a ball, but his best attribute is his benevolence.
Beloved Benjamin is a bright, bubbly boy who I believe behaves beautifully.
Boisterous Brendan is busy as a bee, and as bold and as brave as can be.
Briley is bighearted, bashful, and blonde. We benefit by being nearby him.

Carson can come to Camp Fire competitively, but is conscientious and cooperates consistently.
Chloe is composed, considerate, and calm, and her compassion is contagious.
My comrade Cody is a colorful character; committed to collecting and compiling cardboard creations.
Creative Colin L. came to Camp Fire with confidence, curiosity, and a caring countenance.
Contemplative Collin M. is occasionally cautious, but commonly clever and cool.

Diplomatic Dagan doesn’t do dramatic; He defends the downtrodden, and he’s driven and determined to discover.
I’d describe David as downright darling, and a dear, delightful dreamer who can dance when he dares.

Enthusiastic Elgin is even-keeled and ever-reading, and knows who Eddie Lacy is.
Eli W. is easygoing, and eager to engage in exercise.
Eli W.W. is eleven and is extraordinarily energetic even in the earliness.
Electric Ella is extremely empathetic to everyone, while likewise an extroverted entertainer.
Elliot is engaging, exceedingly ethical, and has elevated esteem for education.
Eloise is expressive and endearing, easily encouraging everyone.
Emile is an explorer, and enjoys engaging in sporting events.

I’m glad that Gabe engages in games galore.
Gabriella is a gifted girl; Glad to give of her goodness to the group.
Glowing Golda is generous and graceful, gleeful to engage in the goings-on.
Graham can be goofy in a great way, and is a giddy and gracious guy.

It’s heartwarming to have Harper, who’s here and there homesick but healthy and happy at heart.
Henry B. is hesitant, honest, and humble, and happens to be a huge helper.
Having Henry M. is hardly harrowing at all! He’s humongously hyper and highly humorous.

I’m inclined to inform you that Illeana is incomparable to other individuals: interested, imaginative, and innocent.
Imogen is intermittently impulsive, yet impassioned and impossibly inventive.
I’ll now illuminate Iris: an impressively intelligent, independent and insightful individual.
It’s imperative to illustrate Izaak’s indefinable importance, as he’s incredibly inclusive and inspirational.

Just wait til you hear about Jack B: a jumpy and joyful jitterbug!
And Jack N. who juts out in my mind with his jovial jokes and his mission to rectify injustice!
Jolly James is a joy to be with on this Camp Fire journey, and I just love his jubilance!

We’d like to keep Kainoa, as he’s kind to kindergarteners, and always kidding around.
Keawe and Kinsey are both kindhearted, and a kick to watch dance on the stage.

Lovable Layla is luminous and levelheaded; least likely to lash out if she loses.
We are lucky to have Liam, who is loyal and loving to all.
Lillie L. likes to listen and learn, and is likely to lend a hand during lessons.
Least likely to lie is Lilly H., a lamblike and likeable lady.
Lilly T. is lighthearted and lyrical, and I love her long stories a lot.
Logan is LOUD and lovely, and a legendary leader at Camp Fire.
Lucia C. may be little, but she is not lacking in liveliness. Alas, she is lionhearted.
Lucia R. is always learning, looking out for others, and is limitless in her abilities.
I look for ways to let Lucy laugh, as I love to hear it, no matter how low.
Luna is literally literary; learning of luminaries like Luna Lovegood.

Meet Madeleine: mildly mischievous, mindfully mannered, and mad for musical melodies.
Mini Mei is modest and meek, but moreover merry, magnetic, and marvelous.
Myles  is majorly mellow and motivated for methodical math. He’s also a mighty member of the CSS basketball team.

Neighborly Natalie is noisy, but noble and nice; Not normal or uninteresting: a non-conformist.
It’s notable that Nikita is nonstop and not new, but noticeably needed.

Ori is original and overall outstanding, open to opinions of others.
Oskar is observant, opting for opportunity: often open-minded.
On to Otis, who likes to be outside, and is our orderly, obedient, and organized one.

I’ll readily report of respectful Reid, revered for his resourcefulness; a risk-taker.
A really responsible registrant is Riley H., who is also a rigorous reader.
River is reliable, receptive to rules, reserved, and rehearses rhythms.
Rosie is anything but regular; a radiant rebel.
Rush is regularly rascally and recreational, and he relishes riddles!

Sensible Sally is 6, a singer, and she’s simply sensational.
Sam savors secrets, especially spooky stories. Simultaneously, Sam is spirited, sincere, and smart.
Santana is steadily serious and a serene sweetheart who can sketch and sew!
Speaking of Seau…
Seau is sly and strategizes schemes; at the same time he’s sentimental, and skilled at sports like soccer.
Shani is sort of sassy, but sweet and sharp and strong!
Sometimes Silas is shy, but smiles a sparkly smile. He shares and is special.
Stella is selfless and soft, and also so stunningly stylish.
A sunny, scholarly student is Suhail: straightforward and strategic.
Sydney is somewhat sarcastic; a socializing sister.

I’ll tell now the tale of Terin, a talented, talkative ten year old. She’s totally tough, and treasured, too.
Tre takes delight in teasing, but is truthful and tenderhearted. His eyes are timelessly twinkling.

It’s very vital I voice my view of Valeen: She’s a vigorous visionary and is VASTLY valuable to us.

Witty Waylon is warm, welcoming, and wise; without question or worry a wonderful boy.

Xander is extremely explorational, excited for experiences, extroverted and expressive.

And yes, we are yet to Yemil, who luckily is both youthful AND likes yellow.

Good… Can you say it faster?



Thank you to Susan for sharing this creative way to celebrate the Absolutely Incredible Kids at Creative Science on #AIKD 2017. Check out more on #AIKD here.