To address those most impacted by the pandemic, support school districts’ efforts to ensure educational equity for all students, and foster a commitment to diverse programming Camp Fire Columbia will prioritize child care for the following students: BIPOC students or students whose caregivers are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of color), single parent households, and students in the foster care system. Please use the “notes” field in your personal section in the FAMILY PORTAL to identify any circumstances within your family for prioritization. Prioritization will not guarantee placement in program. We anticipate that regulations will keep capacities low as school starts. Families’ lottery placements will be utilized as further space is made available.

Use the links below to enroll or wait list you child for 2021/22 programming


For all registration and billing questions please use the below email address:

McMinnville Public BAS Programs:

Portland Public BAS Programs:

West Linn/Wilsonville BAS Programs:



Camp Fire Columbia’s WLWV Locations

Bolton Primary

(503) 781-0794


Cedaroak Park Primary

(503) 998-4537


Stafford Primary

(503) 913-8279


Sunset Primary

(503) 997-9718


Trillium Creek Primary

(503) 998-4529


Willamette Primary

(503) 954-8579


Additional Contacts