As we navigate pandemic-era programming, we hope to provide a safe, engaging environment to reintegrate children into social and learning atmospheres. We do our best to support children’s learning schedules as they participate in their distance-learning curriculum. Camp Fire staff are not however, school district employees nor are we able to guarantee one-on-one support for children as they may need. Our stable groups are built with like ages, grades, and schedules in mind to encourage children’s success with distance-learning. Camp Fire aims to provide an option for families to address their child care needs while creating spaces that promote social-emotional development, physical fitness, relationship building, enrichment activities, and distance-learning support.

Use the links below to enroll or wait list you child for 2020/21 programming

Camp Fire Columbia’s PPS Locations

Hayhurst Elementary

(503) 954-8543

James John Elementary

(503) 954-8590

Currently not running program in:

Creative Science School 

Beverly Cleary School – Fernwood Campus

Beverly Cleary School – Hollyrood Campus

Peninsula Elementary

Rose City Park Elementary

Sunnyside Environmental School

Woodlawn Elementary

Additional Contacts