Camp Fire Before & After School Child Care is open to youth 5-12 years old!

Specific school locations and contact information below.

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sample schedule

Please note that In-Service, Winter Break and Spring Break may not be located at the school your child attends. There will be 2 locations in Portland, one in Southeast/Northeast & one in North Portland, both locations to be determined.

Sample PPS In-Service Schedule

inservice schedule


Beverly Cleary at Fernwood
Amanda Duncan, Site Supervisor
1915 NE 33rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 793-8032

Beverly Cleary at Hollyrood
Audrey Butler, Site Supervisor
3560 NE Hollyrood Court
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 209-6855

Creative Science
Susan Cook, Site Supervisor
1231 SE 92nd Ave
Portland, OR. 97216
(503) 209-2927

Marisol Clark, Site Supervisor
8125 N. Emerald
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 784-2461

Rose City Park
Kristina Ho, Site Supervisor
2334 NE 57th Ave
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 290-8078

Sunnyside Environmental
Samantha Morelli, Site Supervisor
3421 SE Salmon St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 209-6989

Woodlawn Elementary
Sarah Tapp, Site Supervisor
7200 NE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 784-1395

PPS Multi-Site Coordinator
(Creative Science, Peninsula, Woodlawn)
Andy LaBar
(971) 340-1606

PPS Multi-Site Coordinator
(Fernwood, Hollyrood, Rose City Park, Sunnyside)
Chelsea Jones
(971) 340-1611

Before & After School Program Director
Kirsi Baird-Barber
(971) 340-1609

Before & After School Registrar
(971) 340-1607 or (971) 340-1608

Before and After School