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Dear Friends,

Every kid – our goal is nothing short of that. Camp Fire Columbia works to reach every kid where they are, and empower them to build a place where they absolutely belong. At Camp Fire, youth discover the beautiful things inside of them that make them unique and amazing – we call this “spark.” Together, we are supporting the next generation of leaders, artists, teachers, architects, parents, and visionaries who will go out and make this world better.

Camp Fire Columbia’s promise is that confident, engaged, well-rounded youth today can build thriving communities tomorrow. With the help of Camp Fire families, partner schools, staff, funders, and you, we want to grow opportunities for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade, with programming in the school year and in the summer. We want kids to have the sense that we are walking alongside them the whole way, and, through that consistent support, we want them to be inspired to serve and walk alongside the next generation.

This report celebrates the incredible achievements of the youth we serve. Here are some highlights that I am excited to share with you:

  • Camp Fire served nearly 4,000 youth in school, through local partnerships, and at summer camp
  • Youth set goals for their future and were supported by mentors and role models to achieve their aspirations
  • Camp Fire seniors graduated at a higher rate than their peers
  • Students demonstrated growth in academic outcomes and led service projects in their communities

Thank you for making these outcomes possible. As I look forward to another year of serving Camp Fire Columbia, I know the support and passion you have offered to Camp Fire will be invaluable in securing strong outcomes for our youth. Thank you for investing in our future and for sustaining the legacy of Camp Fire Columbia.

Emily Gilliland, CEO

Camp Fire Programs

Graduation rates for Camp Fire students in high school far surpassed graduation rates for their school district.

Program Impact

Camp Fire’s goals are to enhance youth confidence, academic performance, connection to nature and community, and self-efficacy. Youth are surveyed each year to contribute to continuous program improvement.

Academic Achievement

  • Students in Camp Fire’s SUN Community School program demonstrated a 14% increase in math skills
  • 88% of Middle School students said Camp Fire helps them feel more confident in class
  • 96% of seniors in Camp Fire’s High School program graduated, compared to the district rate of 74%
  • Camp Fire provided more than 50 visits to local colleges and vocational schools

Building Thriving Communities

  • 94% of Before and After School participants said they want to make their community a better place
  • 92% of Middle School students said they learned how to plan a project that will have a positive impact in their community
  • 82% of youth at Camp Namanu said they learned how to be better at working with others
  • Camp Fire students developed and carried out 57 service-learning projects

Goal Setting and Future Orientation

  • 91% of Middle School students said they set goals related to their personal life and school work in Camp Fire
  • 93% of High School students learned something new about their post-high school options

Family Engagement

  • Camp Fire served more than 279 parents and caregivers with educational resources, food assistance, and referrals to social service providers
  • Camp Fire provided 59 family engagement events to share student progress and connect families to resources

Financial Information

From the Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/2015**

** A full copy of the audited financial statements are available upon request or may be downloaded here.

Board Roster 2015

  • Chad Marriott, Stoel Rives LLP Board President
  • Scott Musch, Cambia Health Solutions Board Vice President
  • Jake Kindrachuk, Village Family Capital Board Treasurer
  • Barbara Kutasz, Mt. Tabor Middle School Board Secretary

  • Tracey Dunlap, Community Volunteer
  • Paul Havel, Miller Nash LLP
  • Megan Higgins, Tetra Tech
  • Loretta Mabinton, Portland General Electric
  • Colin Murphy, Bank of the West
  • Darren Oliver, Comcast
  • Janet Parsons, Community Volunteer
  • Katie Paullin, Moda Health
  • Rebecca Rudd, KPMG
** This list includes board members who served in 2015. Please visit here for an updated list of Camp Fire board members.