While Camp Fire Columbia believes that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, we also believe that today’s youth are TODAY’s leaders. The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) offers up to 14 teens the chance to participate in a national leadership development and service-learning program, bringing young people from across Camp Fire’s programs directly into decision-making roles at the organization.

The Youth Advisory Committee is one way that Camp Fire Columbia is providing young people with a unique opportunity to be drivers of their own ideas from conceptualization to implementation and reflection.


Our Youth Advisory Committee members participate in a weekend-long Leadership Retreat, where they co-led sessions on identity-building and youth empowerment. Experts in the field also train them on specific leadership skills, investing in them as current and future change-makers in Oregon.

YAC has also attended and informed Camp Fire’s biggest event of the year, Spark, as trusted representatives and spokespeople, empowered to share their own vision for a better world. Finally, YAC members have engaged with Camp Fire program leadership through a series of youth focus groups—the results of which will drive future program development.