Who is Camp Fire Columbia?

Camp Fire Columbia is a youth development organization located in Portland, Oregon with a mission to build caring confident youth and future leaders. Camp Fire partners with local kids, schools and families to provide diverse, best practices programming that:

  • Supports academic achievement
  • Builds social and life skills
  • Fosters community engagement
  • Develops career and college readiness

Camp Fire’s programs directly serve over 3,000 kids ages 5-18 each year across an eight-county area, including the greater Portland metro region, and help serve thousands more children and families broadly each year through partnerships and special projects.

Did you know…

  • Camp Fire inspires youth to find their “spark”
    Participants learn how to connect their passions to their future, set goals, and feel confident in their ability to achieve those goals
  • Camp Fire supports academic achievement
    Camp Fire kids in elementary, middle, and high school consistently outperform their peers in reading, math, attendance, and graduation rates
  • Camp Fire centers its programming around equity and cultural responsiveness
    We have a strong history of providing inclusive, safe, and diverse programming for our youth
  • Camp Fire enjoys support from leading organizations in the Northwest and beyond,
    including the U.S. Department of Education, the Oregon Community Foundation, and the Portland Children’s Levy

Click here to view the 2020-21 Camp Fire Columbia Audited Financial Statements.

Camp Fire National

Camp Fire Columbia is a chartered member of the national Camp Fire Coalition. Camp Fire National is housed in Kansas City, MO and provides curriculum and brand-management services for the Camp Fire movement. Each of the 60 Camp Fire locations functions as an autonomous entity, assessing and addressing the needs of their distinct community.

Visit the Camp Fire USA website