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Camp Namanu offers a wide array of employment opportunities. From fast-paced, themed programming for K-5th graders at Namanu Day Camp in the City, to the engaging, dynamic life at Resident Camp, to the community-centered rhythm of the Ranch, Namanu offers something to fit nearly everyone’s tastes. Make no mistake, working at a summer camp is hard work but the rewards of seeing a child form a new friendship, experience something for the first time, or learn something profound about themselves or others far outweigh the challenges that a staff member may face.

At Namanu, not only will you work with youth in unique settings, you will have a chance to be a part of a caring, energetic, supportive, and dedicated community of staff. We strive to create a culture that encourages creativity and celebrates the unique strengths that each person can contribute. 

If you are interested in being an important part of Camp Namanu this summer, please take a look at the staff brochure. It contains important information about each of Namanu’s unique camping experiences, brief descriptions of available positions, and much more.

Camp Fire is tenaciously committed to Diversity and Cultural Competency.  Since our founding in 1910, we have held Inclusivity as a core value.  Today, Camp Fire serves thousands of youth each year who span the socio-economic spectrum.  Camp Fire youth and families represent over 50 different cultures, speak 30 different languages, and offer a breadth of world-views and perspectives that enrich our programs and communities.  To serve our clients effectively and authentically, we commit ourselves to cultivating a learning community among staff, board and volunteers, such that we actively explore, study and discuss issues of culture, racial inequity and power, and cultural understanding.  To that same end, we seek a broadly diverse staff (and board of directors) who can share this internal work and learning with us, as well as authentically teach, mentor and support the youth we serve.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer – Employment decisions are made without regard to race, age, religion, color, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital or veteran status, or any other classification protected by law.

If Namanu sounds like the right place for you, please apply today!

2014 Namanu Staff Brochure

2014 Namanu Staff Application

If you are interested in potential positions besides being a camp counselor, click here.

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