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High School


thrive3Camp Fire’s High School Program serves 120 youth each year at David Douglas High School and its alternative campus, Fir Ridge. The program is offered as a “careers” elective class (the “Thrive” class) during the school day for credit.

Youth who participate in the Thrive class are supported to graduate on time and get prepared for future education and career options. Students are provided with academic support and encouraged to find their “sparks,” or passions, that will guide their growth – ranging from creative writing to working with youth. Camp Fire gives students the skills to set personal and academic goals for their future, including finding “spark champions” to achieve their goals. Our “growth mindset” curriculum encourages students to try new things and remain resilient in the face of obstacles.

thrive-goalsThrive in Action

Activities provided include a class during the day, monthly field trips to local businesses and colleges, regular service-learning projects, and mentoring sessions with experienced youth development professionals. Thrive students are more likely to graduate on time and are connected to bright futures through internships and scholarships. Our seniors have consistently graduated at a higher percentage than the district rate, which hovers around 75%.

  • Graduation rate for Thrive seniors in 2014: 86%
  • Graduation rate for Thrive seniors in 2015: 96%
  • Graduation rate for Thrive seniors in 2016: 81%
  • District graduation rate: 75%


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