DSC_5264Grade 7 

Unit: Kiwanis

Sessions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
Extended Session 3-4
Namanu Session Calendar

Session 1 – 4th of July Bonanza – $ 625
Sessions 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 – $635
Extended Session 3-4 – $965


When you click the ‘register now’ button, you will be sent to our brand-new registration site. Note: You will have to create a new account for head of household, and for each camper you are registering. Click here to learn more about what you’ll need in order to register.


In Kiwanis, campers build community with other 7th graders and are regularly encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions within an inclusive and caring community of their peers and counselors. Together, the group can choose from a range of exciting activities including arts & crafts, nature exploration, and outdoor cooking. 7th graders enhance their ability to work as a team through the low challenge course and are given their first opportunity to challenge themselves on our high ropes circuit. Kiwanis is also the first chance for Namanu campers to relax while weaving a rug or tea towel in our historic weavery.


Extended Session: During this extended session, campers may have the opportunity to explore the far reaches of camp, build stronger relationships with their fellow campers and staff; master more complicated outdoor skills and activities, and infuse more of their own creativity in their schedule. Campers signed up for this session will live in either the Pioneer or Balagan cabins.

Camp Namanu is proud to provide financial assistance to a number of youth each summer. Scholarships are provided through generous donations from individuals, organizations and partners.

Please register for your first choice of sessions and pay the required deposit before submitting applications for financial assistance.

Financial assistance is available, more info here.

Questions: Contact Registrar@campfirecolumbia.org or call (971) 340-1608 or (971) 340-1607.

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