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Here’s a quick quiz for you. Which of the below are true?

  • Camp Fire supports our region’s most vulnerable youth.
    Our programs are located in 20% of the Title-1 schools in Multnomah County.
  • Camp Fire supports academic growth.
    Students in our afterschool program demonstrate significant gains across reading, writing, and math. A recent study found that Camp Fire kids made academic gains at a faster rate than their non-Camp Fire peers.
  • 50% of Camp Fire kids are boys.
    We’ve been co-ed since 1975.
  • Camp Fire is national in name only. Our programs are 100% locally driven.

If your answer is “all are true,” you’re a whiz bang genius! If you’re surprised, well, you’re not alone—Help us re-introduce the 21st century Camp Fire to Oregon. Here’s how:

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If you care about strengthening kids and local education, check out Camp Fire!  They partner with over 20 schools; kids in their afterschool programs experience gains across reading, writing, and math. Take a look at what the 21st Century Camp Fire is up to at

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Camp Fire Columbia You Tube Channel


Check out the commercial we made with with 70 Camp Fire kids and help from Leopold Ketel. Send it to a friend (or your rich, generous uncle). If you’re not grinning from ear to ear watching this you never will.

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