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You work hard for your dollars. You want to make sure that your donation has an impact. So do we.


Donate today and know that your involvement has a BIG effect on kids:

  • Our elementary school kids show significant improvement in core academic areas and improve their test scores at a faster rate than their non-Camp Fire peers!
  • Principals and teachers credit Camp Fire for extending the learning day and delivering those essentials that are often victim to school budget cuts—like arts, service learning, and hands-on career exploration.
  • Camp Fire youth show increases in confidence, character, compassion for others, and feeling connected to their school, community, and peers.

You can donate in a number of ways. We’re not picky.
Here are just a few ways you can give:

All your gifts are tax deductible and will help us deliver impactful programs to over 3,000 youth this year. THANK YOU

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If you would like see more information about community investments at work, check out our Annual Report.

*We are highly sensitive to the privacy of our donors and will keep your name, address and any other information confidential. Get all the details about our privacy policy here.

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