About Us

About Us

Who is Camp Fire Columbia?
Camp Fire Columbia is a community based nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon (serving eight counties in Oregon and SW Washington) with a mission to build caring confident youth and future leaders. Camp Fire partners with local kids, schools and families to provide diverse, best practices programming that:

  • Supports academic achievement
  • Builds social and life skills
  • Fosters community engagement
  • Develops career and college readiness

Camp Fire’s programs directly serve over 3,000 kids ages 5-18 each year across an eight-county area, including the greater Portland metro region, and help serve another 11,000 children and families annually through partnerships and special projects.

The 21st Century Camp Fire
Camp Fire launched in 1910, the same year as the first talking motion picture. Much like today’s films, the 21st Century Camp Fire is a whole different animal than it was 100 years ago—or even 20 years ago! Just as films have adapted to emerging technology, Camp Fire has evolved to better meet the emerging needs of kids and families.

While Camp Fire has historically been synonymous with outdoor learning and providing opportunities for women, today’s Camp Fire is a multi-faceted agency that serves all kids through a diverse array of programs.

Did you know…

  • Camp Fire strengthens local education.
    We partner with over 20 schools to pick up where schools leave off—keeping kids safe, engaged, and learning.
  • Camp Fire supports our region’s most vulnerable youth.
    Our programs are located in 20% of the Title-1 schools in Multnomah County.
  • Camp Fire supports academic growth.
    Students in our programs demonstrate significant increases in reading, writing, and math. A recent study found that Camp Fire kids made academic gains at a faster rate than their non-Camp Fire peers.
  • 50% of Camp Fire kids are boys.
    We’ve been co-ed since 1975. Ask a child if they’re a Camp Fire Girl, and they’ll respond as if you asked them whether they own an 8-track.
  • Camp Fire welcomes and embraces all youth of diverse cultures, beliefs, experiences, and identities.
    We are committed to creating a culturally-competent, inclusive, and safe environment for all children and families.
  • Camp Fire is national in name only.
    Camp Fire Columbia is 100% locally driven.
  • Camp Fire is supported by some of the most prominent names in our community,
    including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the City of Portland, and the U.S. Department of Education.


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